Theft Crimes

Have you been arrested or charged with a Theft, Fraud or Shoplifting crime in Washington State? If so, you know how seriously the criminal justice system takes these cases. You may face hefty jail sentences, loss of constitutional rights, the imposition of no contact orders, restitution, fines, and serious and long lasting employment and housing repercussions.

If you are not proactive about fighting your charges,you could face grave consequences. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in fighting theft and shoplifting charges to defend you.

Seattle theft and shoplifting attorney Aaron Kiviat has handled hundreds of theft and shoplifting cases. Aaron possesses an intimate knowledge of the courts in Washington State, and can help you face this difficult time in your life. Learn more about Seattle theft and shoplifting attorney Aaron Kiviat’s experience.

How Can Seattle Theft & Shoplifting Attorney Aaron Kiviat Help Your Case?

If you call Aaron’s office, he will be happy to schedule you for a free one hour, face to face consultation to discuss the specific facts in your Washington State theft or shoplifting case.  Aaron will listen patiently to your story, and then will explain to you the possible outcomes, your legal exposure, and what strategies are best suited for your particular legal matter.

You will leave Seattle theft attorney Aaron Kiviat’s office more knowledgeable about the challenges to come and better prepared to deal with the necessary steps.  The consultation is 100% commitment free. 

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