Domestic Violence

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If you’ve been arrest or charged with a domestic violence crime in Washington State, you already know how seriously law enforcement takes these cases. What starts with a simple call to 911 can spiral out of control and end in a family being torn apart.

This is due to the strict domestic violence laws in Washington State which require police responding to a domestic violence call to arrest one of the parties if they believe that a crime has occurred, no matter how minor or innocuous the underlying act may seem.

The arresting officer simply has no discretion.
If you are covicted of a domestic violence crime in Washington State, you will face consequences far beyond the threat of jail.

A conviction for a domestic violence crime in Washington State carries the possibility of the imposition of “No Contact Orders,” the loss of constitutional rights, immigration consequences, the loss of firearm rights, mandatory DV batterers treatment classes as well as substance and alcohol abuse therapy. Furthermore, a conviction for a domestic violence crime can have long-lasting and detrimental effects on future employment and housing.

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