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Domestic Violence

What starts with a simple call to 911 can spiral out of control and end in a family being torn apart. The arresting officer simply has no discretion.

Theft Crimes

Seattle theft and shoplifting attorney Aaron Kiviat possesses an intimate knowledge of the courts in Washington State, and can help you face this difficult time in your life.

Hit & Run

Turning a blind eye and hoping the charges will just disappear is a recipe for disaster. Aaron Kiviat is a Seattle attorney who knows the ins and outs of hit and run defense.

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Washington State criminal charges can have long lasting and severe impacts on your future, far beyond the threat of jail time.

You may face hefty fines, loss of constitutional rights, long probationary periods, deportation, negative employment repercussions, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment. Sticking your head in the sand and letting the chips fall where they may is a recipe for disaster.

You need to be proactive and find a criminal attorney to limit your exposure. As a former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, Aaron Kiviat has the knowledge and expertise to assess and form a strategy to best challenge the specific Washington State criminal charges you are facing.

Please take a moment to read through this website and learn more about Washington State criminal penalties, how the court system works, how Seattle criminal defense attorney Aaron Kiviat structures his fees, Aaron’s results in past cases, and what other clients and attorneys have thought about Seattle criminal defense attorney Aaron Kiviat’s skills as a litigator.

What is the First Step in Fighting Your Washington State Criminal Charge?

If you contact Seattle criminal attorney Aaron Kiviat’s office, he will be happy to schedule you for a free face-to-face 1 hour consultation to discuss your legal matter. His goal will be to patiently listen to the specific facts of your Seattle criminal defense case and then advise you of the possible outcomes, penalties, and strategies to most effectively combat your charges.

You will leave his office feeling better informed as to what your future holds and more knowledgeable as to what you can do to help yourself. The consultation is free and there is no commitment required. Remember that in the legal system knowledge is power, and Seattle criminal attorney Aaron Kiviat will strive to make sure you leave his office fully prepared for what is to come.

How Can Aaron Kiviat Help Your Case?

If you decide that Seattle criminal defense attorney Aaron Kiviat is the right fit to represent you, he will get started on your Washington State criminal charge immediately. The first step will be to notify the prosecutor and the court that Seattle criminal defense attorney Aaron Kiviat is your attorney.

At the same time, he will request all the police and investigative reports that law enforcement has produced in your matter. Once those records are in Seattle criminal attorney Aaron Kiviat’s possession, he will set up an appointment to meet with you to review those documents in detail.

Aaron will also begin his own investigation to build a case in your defense. Aaron will examine any potential legal issues including possible violations of your constitutional rights. Seattle criminal defense attorney Aaron Kiviat may also utilize a professional Private Investigator to track down and interview witnesses, or consult with his own expert witnesses as to the accuracy and sufficiency of the State’s evidence against you. Seattle criminal defense attorney Aaron Kiviat will take the offensive and put the State on its heels from the get go.

Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney Aaron Kiviat Has Experience in All Areas of Criminal Defense:

Seattle criminal attorney Aaron Kiviat has successfully represented clients in cases ranging from shoplifting to homicide, and everything in between.